Rouge Falcon

Rouge Falcon

A smalt slender bird of prey,with long,pointed wings,the Amur falcon is noteworthy for undertaking one of the most arduous annual migrations of any bird of prey. Aided by strong winds blowing westward at an altitude of about 3000m,they are thought to fly at a height of above 1000m.

A social bird,the Amur falcon is usually found in flocks, sometimes numbering into the hundreds or even thousands,and often associates with other small falcon species such as the Falco vespertinus and Falco naumanni. Most nesting,however,is solitary,or in small colonies.

As fearless as Amur Falcon, DIMAND created a daring scent called Rouge FALCON Eau de ParfumRouge is a French name for red. A color that pronounce vitality, excitement and confidence. The blend of sandalwood, white musk and vanilla gives you a long lasting fragrance that you can relish during your busy hours until you end your day in your own solitary way.

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