Hubert Falcon

Hubert Falcon

The Eurasian Hobby also known as Faucon Hobereau in French,is a small,slender falcon with a relatively long, square tail,and long,scythe-like wings,giving it the
appearance of a large swift in flight. The Eurasian hobby hunts on the wing, often at dusk,using its rapid and acrobatic flight to out-manoeuvre even the most agile prey. During courtship,the breeding pair may perform spectacular aerial food-passes,in which the male passes prey to the female at lightning speed. It is often found
close to rivers or wetlands,and also sometimes occurs in more urban environments. It is a very bold and courageous bird and was used in falconry.

As dauntless as Eaurasian Hobby, DIMAND achieved a remarkable fragrance called Hubert FALCON Eau de Parfum. Hubert is French name meaning bright heart,
mind,or spirit. The gallant mixture of Tuscan leather and aoud gives animated energy into your atmosphere.

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