Clemence Falcon

Clemence Falcon

The Sooty Falcon or Faucon Concolor in French,is an attractive,medium-sized bird of prey with long,slender wings and a long tail. A specialist in migratory bird hunting, the sooty falcon is generally most active at dusk and dawn, when solitary individuals can be seen perched on rocks or vegetation,scanning the sky for passing migrant birds. When a bird flies overhead,the sooty falcon rapidly takes to the air, accelerating above its prey before making a low dive and seizing it in its talons. Sooty falcons form breeding pairs which either nest alone or in loose colonies of up to 100 pairs.

DIMAND created an attractive scent as eye-catching as Faucon Concolor and call it Clemence FALCON Eau de Parfum, a name which means gentle and merciful in French. Weather you are alone in solitary or being perky within the crowd,you remain alluring with this scent made of Roses, Patchouli and Rich Aoud.

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