About Us

MID – Paris is a company established in Paris, considered as an umbrella to several trademarks such as MONTALE & DIMAIND.
MONTALE is a trademark & company in the field of Fashion in general, established & starting since 2000 doing the designing and manufacturing in several lines / classes such as Perfumes, watches, pens, leathers … etc. During 2014 MONTALE international design released (sold) the class 3 / perfumes category to a Swiss group. Kept focusing in the Fashion lines. MONTALE achieved great success worldwide in all the activities.
DIMAIND trademark and company established later under MID-Paris umbrella, focusing now their activity in the field of Perfumes, creating and leaving a strum story with the most  famous Falcons characters and personality by doing an attractive packaging design in order to be hand to hand with the great Fragrances which done very carefully in order to compromise the falcons personality worldwide.

MID-Paris with all the trademarks under its umbrella managing the Marketing and distribution activity by its office in Dubai – United Arab Emirates.