As sharp as falcon eyes, DIMAIND  recognizes itself as an ultimate brand that understand individual fashion sense all over the world. A characteristic that we can associate with falcons which can be found all across the globe. Like the migratory falcons, DIMAIND prides itself on its ability to pair the profound knowledge of French perfumery and its history with the heritage of the Ancient Arabic perfumery in its seamless creativity.

The name is derived from the word "demand" which comes from the Old French word demander, meaning "ask, make inquiry" or the more powerful meaning as a very firm statement that you want something. DIMAIND knows what people wants, what people needs,connecting the heritage of the past in today's modern fashion.

With diving speed of up to 200mph,falcons are the fastest creatures on the planet. As falcons are known for their incredible hunting skills, DIMAIND methodically creates in its perfumery plant in Paris, France a line of scents that captivates the exact aromas that people desires in every bottle.

DIMAIND presents Falcon Line of Eau de Parfum

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Amarante Falcon Coming Soon

Amarante Falcon

The graceful red-footed falcon, also known as Faucon Kobez,flies with occasional quick wing bea..

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Apolline Falcon Coming Soon

Apolline Falcon

A slim-bodied raptor with longish wings and tail,the Aplomado falcon has distinctive head markings,c..

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Arluin Falcon Coming Soon

Arluin Falcon

One of the fastest species in the world,the Peregrine Falcon (Falco Peregrinus) may reach speeds of ..

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Clemence Falcon Coming Soon

Clemence Falcon

The Sooty Falcon or Faucon Concolor in French,is an attractive,medium-sized bird of prey with long,s..

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Desire Falcon Coming Soon

Desire Falcon

The Grey Kestrel,otherwise known as Faucon Ardoise in French is a fairly small and st..

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Eleanor Falcon Coming Soon

Eleanor Falcon

Eleonora' s falcon is a fairly large and slender falcon,with long, narrow wings and a relativel..

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Emaurri Falcon Coming Soon

Emaurri Falcon

Merlins are mysterious and philosophical,very distinctive among the falcons. There is a black streak..

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Hubert Falcon Coming Soon

Hubert Falcon

The Eurasian Hobby also known as Faucon Hobereau in French,is a small,slender falcon with a rel..

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Lance Falcon Coming Soon

Lance Falcon

A Lanner Falcon is quite slender,with a long barred tail and relatively blunt-ended wings ..

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Rouge Falcon Coming Soon

Rouge Falcon

A smalt slender bird of prey,with long,pointed wings,the Amur falcon is noteworthy for undertak..

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